Yes, I'd like one of them 6C versions too, thank you

I also wanted to love the 4C very much. And I still want one, of course, but from the first time I've seen it I wanted to have one with Busso V6. The one from GTA. Slightly tuned… Like the one that those nice chaps at Autodelta are creating.
And a manual stick. And those lights… ugh.

Oh well… There's still hope for a V6-powered Giulia QV. Or, better yet, GTA. What else will they do with that nice engine from Maserati. Just power that poor, heavy Ghibli? I hope not…

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First drive: the Alfa Romeo 4C
UPDATE: TG take the long-awaited Alfa to the Italian mountains… Jason Barlow reports

Read it in all its glory on Google+

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