TviX has arrived

Finally, I’ve put my dirty hands on a TviX… A 5100SH model with 500Gb drive. Groovy.

It’s a darn nice media extender or, better said, probably the best and easiest way for watching your Full HD content. There is a lot to like on this one, it supports most of the regular file types, it’s pretty easy to set up and it lets you stream your media files through the network.

The networking part is not as easy to set up as I’d like to, but it works fine once You get it to work. I use a 500Gb SATA drive most of the time anyway.

The picture quality is very good and it scales everything nice. I’ve got a bunch of good quality Full HD movies and the picture is really good on our old fat 29″ SONY. I’ll definetly get a new TV set and I’ll go for Full HD screen. Looking forward to test it in full glory there…

When it comes to music, I guess it’s pretty OK, even tho I feel it’s really made for video. There’s not so much You can do there, You can create playlists and… well, play the music. You can play around with background images and stuff, but I can’t really be bothered with that. So I listen to the music through my music equipment as I can’t really see the point in having a TV set on jut for that.

All in all, I can highly recommend the TviX if You want to watch HD quality material. You can get a TV tuner addon and transform Your Tvix into a good video recording system. I haven’t opted for that but I’ve read that it works really good.

There are some glitches in the system of course, more on that after I’ve tested it with a Full HD TV set…

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