The Surface movement

Pretty nice ad for Surface tablet… And I think I'll actually get few of those instead of Nexus 7. Google made me wait waaay too long to be able to get one. So it feels kinda old by now. I'm definetly getting one of these for my mom… The keyboard and a 10" screen are much better for her than needing to type on a 7" screen. And from $199 I can't see anything better on the market right now.

And I think they'll play beautifully with Lumia 920 which I'll get as soon as they are available. Must be a much better combo than recently presented #padfone2

Ohh, well.. Now I just have to wait and see if +Nokia has some Lumia tablets on it's way to the market.
Decisions, decisions…

#microsoftsurface #youmademeswitch #nonexusforme

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