The real reason why not everyone should pretend to be a journalist

Probably one of the most bullshit-filled articles I've read for long time…
Mr. +Brian S Hall should at least take a short course in objective journalism before putting together bunch of biased "facts" and release it as smart market analysis.
It's great if you want to get lots of comments, too bad it generates more hate than praise…

WP market share is actually growing pretty steady on global level, and Nokia is doing really fine. Quoting Samsung's boss on whether WP will fail is just plain stupid when everyone knows they just released their WP phones to get some cash from Microsoft. They are mostly interested in their own OS Tizen and don't really need another strong competitor on the market.

I won't even go on and discuss the main point of article being WP failing "because there is no good reason for it to exist". Seriously? That can be said about so many products/services today and still people choose to use them. Probably that's why we don't all drive around in a Ford-T. Black one, of course… It's called freedom of choice.

I'm not saying WP is fastest growing thing in the mobile universe, but this article is just waste of everyone's time.

Please do your homework before pretending to be a market analyst… And I'll just stop ranting now.

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The Real Reason Windows Phone Is Failing
Why Windows Phone will always be an also-ran.

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