The new madonna


Today is a good day. I’m actually extremely tired, haven’t slept for ages. Or some 50 hrs maybe… But it was well worth it. This morning I’ve brought home my new Alfa. A sweet GT with 2.0 JTS engine. And I must say… What a beauty. You can see her down here with new winter wheels and tires. Not as gorgeous as with the original 18″ wheels, but hey… She’s really a looker.

The red madonna

The whole process of importing the car from Germany to Sweden shouldn’t be complicated.
Or at least I don’t think it should be. I bought the car from a private person. There are some horror stories on the net about that kind of import. I don’t know, I guess it’s about the feeling you get about people you get in touch with during the process. I was looking for a potential car for few months before I bought this one. Mostly on usual search sites, and autoscout24. I was there every day, searching for my Alfa.

From the beginning I started looking for a nice diesel 166 or 156 with the new 175bhp engine. Fast, reliable and economic. And, as our little family is growing, it felt even kind of responsible decision. Few more grown-up points in life must be a good thing…

Then I stumbled upon a beautiful 166 v6 3.2l TI in Italy. In Lecce… As far as you can come in Italy. But I was hooked. The whole diesel/responsible/economics/grown-up thingie just vanished. I’ve mailed the company at once, called them few days later and almost got a good deal. Almost…
Too bad there still aren’t same rules in whole EU. Or too bad Italians are just so damn… well… special. They couldn’t decide on a final price (even tho we discussed it first time we spoke). They weren’t quite sure if they can arrange temporary plates and insurance for the car. They were not sure about the transport prices either. I think the problem is that they actually didn’t know anything about doing business on European level.

Oh, well… I still think it was an extremely sexy car.

Anyway… I was still doing regular searches for other Alfas, and I somehow found a red GT with 2.0l petrol engine. Weird, as I was (still) looking for a diesel. It looked nice so I mailed the owner. Usually there’s an alarm bell ringing when the deal is almost too good to be true. It usually is… Most of those are cheap scams. This one was few thousand € cheaper than it’s siblings. It had half the mileage too. And it looked really good on pictures.
I’ve mailed the guy anyway, it’s easy to ignore scam mails when they arrive.

Few hours later, the mail popped in. The owner sent all the info that I asked about. No usual scam stories. He didn’t have time to use the car as much as he wanted to.
I was still pretty sure something was wrong… So I asked for more, hi-res pictures. And description of all bumps, damages, scratches… Anything I could think of actually. And I was telling myself that I’m not even interested in one of those. I was looking for a diesel after all.

Then another mail popped in, as quickly as the first one. He’ll make new pictures tomorrow. And he described all the scratches on the car.

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