A new Top Gear with Alfa 4C and a McP1 is upon us

And boy does it rock! So much better than the last one, but I'm also highly biased here. 4C is a (rather realistic) dream, and the P1… Well, it is what it is. Huge respect coming from a big Scuderia fan.

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Transmission – BBC Top Gear A P1, a 4C and James in Afghanistan: post-show discussion « – BBC Top Gear
So, there you have it. Jeremy’s love for Alfa remains strong enough to throw a challenge, Tom Hiddleston can definitely handle a Vauxhall Astra Techline in the wet, James definitely isn’t fat, and the future of green motoring is a staggering 903bhp McLaren.

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Strangely enough I managed to completely miss Hammonds test drive of the fabulous little Alfa 4C. Well, I can just say thank you Richard, You were not blinded by figures as mostly every other so called motoring journalist. And that includes those +Top Gear guys too

This car should be driven and judged by other qualities… In same way you'd judge an SZ and 8C. Or a good old GTV6. They were all made just to make us smile…

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Hammond drives the Alfa Romeo 4C

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The boys are back in town!

A whole new series worth of penetrating investigations into the world of cars ready for your delectation. With new reasonably priced car and everything… Oh, joy!

When's it on, we hear you crow? Well, young internetling, the first episode airs on 30 June, on BBC Two and BBC HD.

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Top Gear TV is back! – BBC Top Gear
Top Gear TV is back!

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DeltaWing driven by TopGear guys

Can anyone do anything so Ben Bowlby can keep this fantastic little machine running more races? And a 500kg/300hp race category would be something really creative in the long run. No restrictions other than max weight and power would unleash lot of crazy ideas I suppose.
Let it happen… Now!

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Exclusive: Top Gear drives the DeltaWing! – BBC Top Gear
Exclusive: Top Gear drives the DeltaWing!

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