Alfa 4C, First Drive by Road and Track

Ok, this is so much better review than one the guys from +Top Gear did the other day… It's not really a competitor to Cayman S as I see it, even tho the price range is similar… This is a bit more modern (albeit not very eco-friendly ;) 4-cylinder car that can't really feel like Porsche's 6-cyl engine. Not that I wouldn't love to fit one heavily tuned Busso V6 in it and take it home with me ;)
And just why would anyone compare Alfas interior quality to a German car?! It's still an Alfa, and it can't be perfect in that way guys…

Nice test drive +Road & Track it's good to see what the car performs on a racetrack, because that's what you are buying it for… And some nice driving by Chris Harris there too ;)

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