A stand-alone Alfa Romeo? Yes please, I'll have one with RWD to go

Oh I would definitely love that… Back to premium sporty segment would be nice. It's too bad the brand has got really bad reputation during the fwd years.
So let's not talk about Suds. And Arnas… and…

But I really hope Alfa can stand alone… And they should definitely invest in new tech and alternative fuels/engines, it should be the way forward. They will probably need a good partner for something like that, but it should definitely remain Italian.

And, yes… I'm still patiently (passionately?) waiting for Giulia, whenever she decides to come along ;)

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Alfa will become stand-alone company, sources say
Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne will turn Alfa Romeo into a stand-alone company — like Maserati and Ferrari — as part of his latest plan to revive the brand, sources told Automotive News Europe.

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