This is Utopia…

A lovely little story about Samsung and Apple working together for everyone's mobile heaven? Yeah… I too would love to see them pigs fly over horizon ;)

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Samsung and Apple have the power to stick it to carries – but won’t
Samsung and Apple have so much power with carriers, they could change things for all OEMs, but they won’t

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Backstabbing the green giant

Samsungs mobile OS game goes into its final stage. Damage Android before moving over to Tizen.

Anyone surprised? I guess not… Anyone feels sorry for Google? Again, I guess not.
Maybe now there's some possibility of expansion for those who lost the Android race. HTC and SONY and the rest of the second class citizens in the sad world of Android customization. That would never happen if Google had some restrictions in place when it comes to UX changes and redesign Themes are always OK, but complete rework should've been banned. This is of course the reason behind the fragmentation and Googles biggest mistake with their mobile OS.

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Samsung is hurting Android

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