Yeah, someone please call 911…

And tell it to run really fast and hide. The not-so-girly-anymore Cayman GT4 could actually kick it's boring old butt. Still wouldn't like to be seen in one, except maybe in full on Stig uniform. Then it could be some serious fun.

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Someone Call 911—and Tell It a Porsche Cayman GT4 Model Is Coming for It
Porsche’s mid-engine Cayman coupe has nipped at the heels of the 911 in terms of dynamics almost since the day it was created, and now that tiff may be about to break out into al all-out fistfight. A Motor Trend report suggests Porsche is working on a super-high-performance Cayman variant along the lines of the […]

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Finally a new GT3 Cup. I'm not really a huge fan of the oversized Beetle, being an Alfista and all, but this is really a fine piece of machinery. It's probably the closest you can come to something that could be described as German piece of art.

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Porsche Debuts Latest Generation of 911 GT3 Cup – WOT on Motor Trend
Porsche previews the next road-going 911 GT3 with the GT3 Cup series racer. Check out this naturally-aspirated beauty at Motor Trend’s WOT.

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