My Nexus 7 died and spent few days in Android heaven… It got bored to death by sweet Jesus and all them creepy angels so today it reincarnated with +Paranoid Android soul inside… What a lovely transformation!

Some people wonder why anyone would install different rom on a Nexus device, I guess they never lost their data after Nexus in question died on them. So now I got that wonderful Titanium Backup app by +Titanium Track guys to keep me sane. And just that Halo notification thingie alone is worth the pain of rooting and setting up all the apps again.
If you never tried it I'd suggest you go see it in action… There's a nice video about it on YouTube.

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For all those paranoid Android user out there… ;)

Paranoid Android 3.0 rolling out

It would have come earlier but Pie delayed the release a bit. So here we are, this is our first release candidate. We used the time to fix some minor bugs that were still left and added a couple of features.

Pie panels are centered and glide right under your thumb, don't stretch in landscape
New pie default colors (holo) for disabled per-app-color
Screenshot option
New statusbar icons (dont look "washed out" anymore)
New bootanimation
Unlockpattern cut off is gone
IME is themable
MMS black on black fix
Pie without search agent should be fixed
PAPrefs has been polished for easier use (still much to do)
PAC support for bluetooth icon
(Mako) Perfect kernel calibration, made one extra for pa
(Mako) Autobrightness is adjusted for it
(Mako) Fart vibration for on-touch is gone
Tons of optimizations under the hood

We are sorry, battery % couldn't make it into the mix for now. Expect it in the next revision.

We will concentrate now on getting up Gerrit and a bugtracker. When that's done PA will go into another phase, it will hopefully become a community project just like CM or AOKP. This will allow requested features to find its way in way quicker than before.

Maguro and Mako are out. The others follow soon. we are certain that you'll also see ports to legacy devices soon on XDA.

Read it in all its glory on Google+