It looks like Netflix really moves in all the right directions

This is exactly what streaming needs. Hopefully Chrome and Firefox will also hurry up and implement Premium Video Extensions, but even more than that, let's hope that other streaming service providers will follow this move and implement similar HTML5 players.

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Netflix switches from Silverlight to HTML5 in Windows 8.1, reduces CPU usage dramatically | ExtremeTech
With the release of Windows 8.1 Preview, Netflix now supports streaming over HTML5 instead of Microsoft’s proprietary Silverlight plug-in. The caveat is that only Internet Explorer 11, which is bundled with Windows 8.1, supports the necessary HTML5 extensions; if you’re a Firefox or Chrome user, you’ll continue to use the Silverlight plug-in. In our initial testing, the switch to HTML5 sees a massive reduction in CPU usage — about one third of S…

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