Strangely enough I managed to completely miss Hammonds test drive of the fabulous little Alfa 4C. Well, I can just say thank you Richard, You were not blinded by figures as mostly every other so called motoring journalist. And that includes those +Top Gear guys too

This car should be driven and judged by other qualities… In same way you'd judge an SZ and 8C. Or a good old GTV6. They were all made just to make us smile…

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Hammond drives the Alfa Romeo 4C

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Some great videos with 4C in action… Probably a good review too. Doesn't really make me want it less than I already do :|

¿Nos damos una vuelta?

Alfa Romeo 4C: ya nos hemos subido a él –
Con el Alfa Romeo 4C, la marca promete auténtica diversión italiana al volante. ¿Es así? AUTO BILD ya se ha subido al nuevo deportivo de motor central y est

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