Gentlemen, start your wallets! The soul is back in Alfa, and then some.

It just doesn’t get better than this… And for once, the journalists (well, those with some balls anyway) agree. It’s so much soul in new Giulia, it’s almost too hot to handle. Which, if you wondered, is the way it should be.

So now, who needs a kidney or few? I’ve got one to spare…

The real reason behind Krügers collapse

Finally we get to see the real reason behind him feeling sick and faint all over the place in this factual and not at all humoristic documentary from Frankfurt.

Sorry Krüger, this was too good to miss ;)
I sure hope you’re all good and healthy. Also I heard that you’ve signed up for a QV already and the balance is restored…

Ohh yes Giulia… come to me!

I would want one even if it had the slowest sedan lap time on Nürburgring. So next year it’s finally time to get a new car… Damn. Or maybe I should just move somewhere where I can have two cars parked?
Anyway… Just come and take my money already!

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The Alfa Romeo Giulia May Have The Fastest Sedan Lap Time On The Nürburgring

The Alfa Romeo Giulia May Have The Fastest Sedan Lap Time On The Nürburgring
Let’s count out 14 seconds: one, two, three, four, five, six, (bored yet?) nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen. That’s how many seconds faster the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is around the Nürburgring over a BMW M4.

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Yes, I'd like one of them 6C versions too, thank you

I also wanted to love the 4C very much. And I still want one, of course, but from the first time I've seen it I wanted to have one with Busso V6. The one from GTA. Slightly tuned… Like the one that those nice chaps at Autodelta are creating.
And a manual stick. And those lights… ugh.

Oh well… There's still hope for a V6-powered Giulia QV. Or, better yet, GTA. What else will they do with that nice engine from Maserati. Just power that poor, heavy Ghibli? I hope not…

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First drive: the Alfa Romeo 4C
UPDATE: TG take the long-awaited Alfa to the Italian mountains… Jason Barlow reports

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