Probably the best article I've ever read on powder-food stuffs, Soylent or anything else for that matter

Now I never tried Soylent or any of those modern powders, but I've tasted some soups that could replace a meal few years ago (disgusting). I tend to fall into the "I hate this" camp for none obvious reason…
I guess it's because I really love everything about food… I love cooking the food, I love preparing my meals (to a degree), I love talking about food, and boy do I love eating with friends.

But lately I've been more and more intrigued with some powdery alternatives, and it's for a combination of reasons. I love to eat healthy food, and I especially want my kids to eat healthy. I do eat too much way to often and I know it's bad for my health. And I just can't be bothered to cook a nice meal every time I'm hungry.
Very often I'm not even close to the kitchen, I work outside of the office a lot and eat out pretty often…

So I was close to buy few batches of superfood powders, from those guys at +Food Matters and also the organic +Ambronite stuff from those Finnish guys who successfully funded their Indiegogo campaign not so long ago.
I never actually bough any of those, the biggest reason being the price. Now I could buy few packs just to try it out, replacing a meal every day or so for a month, but then it's always the shipping cost that mostly doubles the price. Damnit. And I still want to enjoy real food and cook healthy meals for my kids. It's huge part of the learning process for them, especially when we do it together and discuss all the ingredients and the process of cooking…

I think I'll just have to pay a visit to +Ambronite and taste some of their powder goodness right there…
Or they can maybe send me a case or few so we can review it in our upcoming healthy food project at +Glimt TV. That would definitely be a great subject for discussion. Hint, hint ;)

Anyway… Go read the article, it's really good and it'll probably change the way you feel about Soylents of the world, whichever camp you may be sitting in…

I'll be in the kitchen making a lovely summer salad if you need me… :)

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