Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3

While ordering my new TV set, I decided to get myself (or, actually my wife) a new digital camera. I still have the very nice Sanyo Xacti C1 which still produces good enough images (at least in a daylight) and some nice movies (in mpeg 4 format) but I thought it’s about time to move on. I was pretty unsure of which one to go for. There are some really nice Canons out there, I was really interested in two of Ricoh models, and I wanted to at least get some Sonys and Fujis into account.

I ended up with a Panasonic TZ3 model, the one in black finish…

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3
I really like it a lot… The 10x optical zoom is extremely good, and we were able to produce some really nice shots even tho we never bothered to open the manual and check all those settings.

So why did we opt for this model? Well, I do like Panasonic cams even tho I never owned one myself. I had few IXUS models and I was pretty happy with Sanyo Xacti too. The most important reason for buying TZ3 was a really good widescreen mode and a 10x optical zoom. Now there is a Panasonic LX2 (10.2 Mpix) model too that has more of everything and even better widescreen movie capture, but the noise levels were way too high on that one. I bought that one for a customer who needed the movie options and a good overall camera. It’s really good, especially it’s raw mode, but I wanted something else… So, after reading an extremely good article on megapixels I decided on TZ3 which has 7.2 Mpix display.

I highly recommend reading that article btw, it’s well written and easy to grasp. Probably won’t change consumer behavior, but it’s a good effort.