So You don't really get all the hype about Diablo? You can listen to fans and fanboys/gals going on about its greatness for days and still not get it?

Well, how about a 5 minute session that tells it all?

So when You finally get a clear picture about it, just go get the game… And at that point You can start bitching about #error37 and wonder if there's a movie explaining that one in 5 minutes… No bitching here. At all.

#diablo3 #diablo #whybother

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Crap… So I guess my (normal) life has come to an end. I've got a Diablo III beta invite and all the hell is about to break lose. Damn, I've really enjoyed both my family life with wife and kids and stuff, and my job

But what can a guy do, there must be some prioritizing in life…

Anyone else wasting their life in beta?

#diablo3 #diablo3beta


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