My Nexus 7 died and spent few days in Android heaven… It got bored to death by sweet Jesus and all them creepy angels so today it reincarnated with +Paranoid Android soul inside… What a lovely transformation!

Some people wonder why anyone would install different rom on a Nexus device, I guess they never lost their data after Nexus in question died on them. So now I got that wonderful Titanium Backup app by +Titanium Track guys to keep me sane. And just that Halo notification thingie alone is worth the pain of rooting and setting up all the apps again.
If you never tried it I'd suggest you go see it in action… There's a nice video about it on YouTube.

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The file turned out to be a multi-functional Trojan, capable of the following: sending SMS to premium-rate numbers; downloading other malware programs, installing them on the infected device and/or sending them further via Bluetooth; and remotely performing commands in the console. Now, Kaspersky Lab’s products detect this malicious program as Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a

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The most sophisticated Android Trojan
Recently, an Android application came to us for analysis. At a glance, we knew this one was special. All strings in the DEX file were encrypted, and the code was obfuscated.

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Backstabbing the green giant

Samsungs mobile OS game goes into its final stage. Damage Android before moving over to Tizen.

Anyone surprised? I guess not… Anyone feels sorry for Google? Again, I guess not.
Maybe now there's some possibility of expansion for those who lost the Android race. HTC and SONY and the rest of the second class citizens in the sad world of Android customization. That would never happen if Google had some restrictions in place when it comes to UX changes and redesign Themes are always OK, but complete rework should've been banned. This is of course the reason behind the fragmentation and Googles biggest mistake with their mobile OS.

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Via +Michael Kazarnowicz

Samsung is hurting Android

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Android Design in Action

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Today on Android Design in Action, +Nick Butcher, +Adam Koch and I discussed some UI behaviors to enhance the news consumption experience:

• Two-finger swipe down previews on lists, ala Android 4.1 notifications
• Alternative item collection presentations for photo-rich content
• Customizable navigation drawer
• Flattening topic hierarchies using search
• Specialized detail contexts for the beginning, middle, and end of an article

We also did a deep dive on units of measure, including:

• Density-independent pixels (DPs) for keeping things the same physical size across devices and as the primary unit for layout (as opposed to pixels)
• Scale-independent pixels (SPs) for sizing and spacing text
• Best-practice layout grids (4dp grid, 48dp rhythm)
• Wireframing in MDPI so that in your wireframing software, 1dp = 1px
• Creating assets starting with a 4px grid and XHDPI density (with vector tools), so that scaling down or up results in shapes cleanly aligned to pixel boundaries

It was a lot to cover, so we ran over by about 7 minutes… sorry!

As always, the slides are attached to this post, and you can find a recording of the show on YouTube here: Android Design in Action: News Readers and Units of Measure


In Album Android Design in Action: News Readers and Units of Measure

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For all those paranoid Android user out there… ;)

Paranoid Android 3.0 rolling out

It would have come earlier but Pie delayed the release a bit. So here we are, this is our first release candidate. We used the time to fix some minor bugs that were still left and added a couple of features.

Pie panels are centered and glide right under your thumb, don't stretch in landscape
New pie default colors (holo) for disabled per-app-color
Screenshot option
New statusbar icons (dont look "washed out" anymore)
New bootanimation
Unlockpattern cut off is gone
IME is themable
MMS black on black fix
Pie without search agent should be fixed
PAPrefs has been polished for easier use (still much to do)
PAC support for bluetooth icon
(Mako) Perfect kernel calibration, made one extra for pa
(Mako) Autobrightness is adjusted for it
(Mako) Fart vibration for on-touch is gone
Tons of optimizations under the hood

We are sorry, battery % couldn't make it into the mix for now. Expect it in the next revision.

We will concentrate now on getting up Gerrit and a bugtracker. When that's done PA will go into another phase, it will hopefully become a community project just like CM or AOKP. This will allow requested features to find its way in way quicker than before.

Maguro and Mako are out. The others follow soon. we are certain that you'll also see ports to legacy devices soon on XDA.

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Ohh, ffs… Stop the madness please

ZTE Apache rumored with 8-core processor – & it won't stop there… #android #supercomputers

ZTE Apache rumored with 8-core processor
Awww, how cute… your dual-core and quad-core handsets are so darling. Check out my new 8-core smartphone. If the recent chatter is correct, this is exactly what some will be saying in the sh…

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Google Now can put Siri to shame, too bad noone will ever try it

Google Now… It's what we always needed, we just didn't know how to get there. Now we do.

So I guess now that everyone is moving over to Jelly Bean… ehh, wait, what? Jelly Bean? But only 7% of the Android hardware runs on Ice Cream Sandwich. And that was out for, well, ages.
Oh well, I guess everyone will be able to use it in few years eventually. Wonder what Siri will be doing then.

So I guess it kinda puts the whole Androids ecosystem to shame. Siri can be worse or dumb or whatever, but it still does run on all iPhones that could install that version of iOS. All of them.

Can anyone at Google start dictating how their great mobile OS should work and get updated? Let all the manufacturers develop their themes and branding parts and whatnot. Don't let them tweak everything.
We've been doing it on the web for ages. how hard can it be?

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With Google Now, Android Puts Apple’s Siri To Shame
The right way to do mobile search.

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Microsofts C# could save Android and make it faster

Go figure… It's probably never going to happen, but in a perfect world it would help Google get rid of java mess with Oracle and make Android OS much faster in the process. Personally, I'd love to see Android powered by C#.
What's your take on that?

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Xamarin’s XobotOS opens prospect of Android port to C#, can of worms
Would it be ironic if Android developers did an end-run around Microsoft patents by using Microsoft’s own C#? Or if Google kiboshed its

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