I have this idea of taking an old Alfa GT on a trip to Cuba for this rally… What a vacation. And how cool would it be to win the Castro(l) Cup over there. I think I saw a Lada involved there, so how hard can it be? ;)

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Cuba’s antique car rally sets off in Havana – video | World news |

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Alfa Romeo RWD Rumor Only Shows that No Work Has Been Done on New Models

Finally someone gets it… Those lying bastards!
Now can anyone at +Fiat bribe me with a black Alfa 4C (Launch Edition of course) to stop spreading the truth about this? Or maybe I could wait for that rwd Giulia… GTA, in Alfa rosso please.

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Alfa Romeo RWD Rumor Only Shows that No Work Has Been Done on New Models
There’s an old episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine when one character, a former spy, hears the fable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” for the first time. He disagrees with the conventional moral of the story. “What else could it be?” the teller asks him. “That you should never tell the same lie twice.” […]

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The making of a masterpiece

Birth of an Alfa Romeo 4C. Nice insight into the production process. Attention to details is pretty amazing, probably that's why it's not made in Alfas own factory ;)
Thank you great people of Maserati for doing such great job for your little sister, it's very appreciated.

I could live without those fugly side mirrors tho… The concept version was way too sexier, now they just attached the Fiat 500 ditto. Still, I just can't wait to test drive one of these ladies… Launch edition preferably. In white. I guess it'd look rather diabolical in all black too.

C'mon Alfa, start delivering them already. I'll be waiting patiently.

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Alfa Romeo 4C: come nasce l’orgoglio sportivo italiano
[Per saperne di più: http://www.omniauto.it/magazine/23507/alfa-romeo-4c-il-racconto-di-come-nasce-lorgoglio-sportivo-italiano ] Modena, terra di motori. E s…

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Evening cruise in the City of the Sun.

I'm not so sure about the Sun part here but it was a lovely evening anyway. I went for a drive while another member of Club Alfa Romeo Svezia, Daniel Briander, went for a photowalk.

It resulted in this great shot… Thank you Daniel, and thank you all for watching ;)

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Alfa Romeo Gloria – family saloon worth its name

European Design Institute students really did a fantastic job with this full-family saloon concept for Alfa Romeo. We'll be able to drool all over it at the Geneva Auto Salon in few weeks.
Now this would be a worthy alternative to Maserati Quettroporte as my family car. If it would ever be produced, that is… Let's hope it will be.

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Alfa Romeo Gloria Concept is an Audi A5 Sportback-Sized Sports Sedan, Debuts in Geneva – Carscoop
The second most problematic child in the Fiat-Chrysler Group after Lancia, is also the one with the greatest prospects for future growth – just as long as the Italians get their cards right and finall…

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Production-ready Alfa Romeo 4C heading to Geneva

Damn sexy too, not much has changed from the prototype we've been drooling over. Unfortunately that lovely two-toned interior had to go. And what happened to those side mirrors, they look like something that fell off from a cartoon truck.
Anyway, time to save some dosh… I'll need to spend some on one of these…

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There just might be some divine presence after all

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Alfa Romeo 4C: 300 bhp and almost identical to the Concept | AutoEdizione.com
Alfa’s highly admired 4C will be as a production version almost identical to the concept we saw at the IAA, which means a 1750 TBI with 300 bhp and a l

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Hopefully this will be a base for new Alfa Spider developed together with Mazda on a new MX5 platform. A bit more premium than Mazdas 1.3l engine, can we hope for the all new 300bhp MultiAir little monster?

Still one of the most beautiful creations in motoring history…

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Geneva 2010: Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta by Pininfarina Photo Gallery – Autoblog
View dozens of detailed pictures that accompany our Geneva 2010: Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta by Pininfarina article with close-up photos of exterior and interior features.

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