Smart move +Logitech

So can we now get few of those thingies for Nexus 7 (and others) instead of just crappy Samsung tablets?

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PCs are dying, so Logitech pivoted to tablets—and had a surprisingly profitable quarter
It’s been a tough few years for Logitech. The high watermark in sales of PC accessories for the iconic computer mouse and keyboard maker was way back in the last quarter of 2007. So what’s behind the company’s surprisingly strong most recent quarter? Two things: One is that it has cut costs to become more…

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Gotta remember this one when I get my new Nexus

The Best Nexus 7 Case/Keyboard/Cover is available now from Minisuit. Check out Andruid's full review here:

Minisuit Nexus 7 Keyboard Stand Review: Love It – Andruid
Nexus 7 Keyboard, with a Kick Last week Andrew Martonik, of Android Central, released his review of Minisuit’s new Nexus 7 Keyboard stand. Martonik’s review (featured here) was good but left me with the impression that perhaps purchasing this case/cover/keyboard for my beloved Nexus 7 was a fruitless endeavour. Well, let me just start by […]

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