4C Spider review at +Petrolicious

Loved the article, love the car.

On a side note, you Petrolicious people should consider how your posts look like when they shared around. None of those trully beautiful images could be chosen because they are all hidden in that not-so-fancy fancybox script.
I could only choose sidebar images and who wants an image of an Elise here…

Anyway, great article as usual. Makes my choice between a coup and a spider much easier ;)

Strangely enough I managed to completely miss Hammonds test drive of the fabulous little Alfa 4C. Well, I can just say thank you Richard, You were not blinded by figures as mostly every other so called motoring journalist. And that includes those +Top Gear guys too

This car should be driven and judged by other qualities… In same way you'd judge an SZ and 8C. Or a good old GTV6. They were all made just to make us smile…

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Hammond drives the Alfa Romeo 4C

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Hahah, so business as usual in Italy ;)

Can't wait to read that article in MotorsPort mag… Good to know it's still a proper Alfa… "the car is often adorable, occasionally irritating, sometimes frustrating but always interesting. In other words a proper Alfa Romeo"

So where do I get that mag? Ahh, digital edition… Great. Can't wait for it ;)

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Alfa Romeo’s 4C launch at Balocco – Opinion – Motor Sport Magazine
Opinion – Alfa Romeo’s 4C launch at Balocco – This is why I love Italy. Last night we turned up at the Balocco test track to attend the press conference that preceded driving Alfa Romeo?s 4C coupe toda

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Alfa 4C, First Drive by Road and Track

Ok, this is so much better review than one the guys from +Top Gear did the other day… It's not really a competitor to Cayman S as I see it, even tho the price range is similar… This is a bit more modern (albeit not very eco-friendly ;) 4-cylinder car that can't really feel like Porsche's 6-cyl engine. Not that I wouldn't love to fit one heavily tuned Busso V6 in it and take it home with me ;)
And just why would anyone compare Alfas interior quality to a German car?! It's still an Alfa, and it can't be perfect in that way guys…

Nice test drive +Road & Track it's good to see what the car performs on a racetrack, because that's what you are buying it for… And some nice driving by Chris Harris there too ;)

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Yes, I'd like one of them 6C versions too, thank you

I also wanted to love the 4C very much. And I still want one, of course, but from the first time I've seen it I wanted to have one with Busso V6. The one from GTA. Slightly tuned… Like the one that those nice chaps at Autodelta are creating.
And a manual stick. And those lights… ugh.

Oh well… There's still hope for a V6-powered Giulia QV. Or, better yet, GTA. What else will they do with that nice engine from Maserati. Just power that poor, heavy Ghibli? I hope not…

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First drive: the Alfa Romeo 4C
UPDATE: TG take the long-awaited Alfa to the Italian mountains… Jason Barlow reports

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The making of a masterpiece

Birth of an Alfa Romeo 4C. Nice insight into the production process. Attention to details is pretty amazing, probably that's why it's not made in Alfas own factory ;)
Thank you great people of Maserati for doing such great job for your little sister, it's very appreciated.

I could live without those fugly side mirrors tho… The concept version was way too sexier, now they just attached the Fiat 500 ditto. Still, I just can't wait to test drive one of these ladies… Launch edition preferably. In white. I guess it'd look rather diabolical in all black too.

C'mon Alfa, start delivering them already. I'll be waiting patiently.

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Alfa Romeo 4C: come nasce l’orgoglio sportivo italiano
[Per saperne di più: http://www.omniauto.it/magazine/23507/alfa-romeo-4c-il-racconto-di-come-nasce-lorgoglio-sportivo-italiano ] Modena, terra di motori. E s…

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Production-ready Alfa Romeo 4C heading to Geneva

Damn sexy too, not much has changed from the prototype we've been drooling over. Unfortunately that lovely two-toned interior had to go. And what happened to those side mirrors, they look like something that fell off from a cartoon truck.
Anyway, time to save some dosh… I'll need to spend some on one of these…

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There just might be some divine presence after all

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Alfa Romeo 4C: 300 bhp and almost identical to the Concept | AutoEdizione.com
Alfa’s highly admired 4C will be as a production version almost identical to the concept we saw at the IAA, which means a 1750 TBI with 300 bhp and a l

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