So what would You do with Your F40?

I understand and respect all those guys who restore old legendary cars to "originals" in pristine condition… They do a lovely job of keeping those precious bits of car history with us.
How else could I give my kids a joy of cruising around in a wonderful Giulia GT for example…? Make them experience this kind of passion
And that is an experience all young people should have to keep them away from drugs and similar crap ;)

On the other hand I really like to see the other kind of enthusiast who will take a car they love and make it more personal. There is really no right and wrong here.

This F40 is pretty awesome, there is nothing tasteless about it. Just more raw performance and better handling. What's not to love?
He is doing the right thing with it… The car is made for driving.
I personally couldn't care less about all those "pure" F40 examples dying slowly in a secluded garage just to be shown off every now and then. That's more of a business-minded ownership and I think it sucks. That's not how You should treat an F40.

I'd do the same as this guy, don't bother with economics and future prices, feel the joy of driving it every day! The F40 deserves that.

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The Liberty Walk Ferrari F40: Is it OK to modify a legend?
For some the Ferrari F40 is a deity on wheels — its perfect lines, stunning engine, and blistering performance can’t be bettered. For others it’s a blank canvas to be tinkered with. Read this post by Alex Goy on XCAR.

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