So it finally arrived… a lovely red Lumia 920

First impressions? Oh yeah… Love the hardware, you can see that those crazy Finns put lot of love in it. And yeah, it's pretty heavy and it feels really sturdy and kinda indestructible. No small bits and pieces that can fly of. Quality feeling.

Windows Phone… You are beautiful, now I need some apps ;)
I like the concept. I LOVE Nokia apps, you really need to try Nokia Drive, City Lens and other fine creations… Nokia music too, I searched for some weird music from my youth, no problem. Then it just went on and played similar music without any problems whatsoever.

I'll really miss an official Google+ app as those assholes +Google Developers are just making a point of not making WP8 apps. Although they did make a Google search app of course. FU Google it just pisses me off so I'll use Bing for searches (wonder if anyone else does?). Nokia maps are really good btw and you can download any maps you need when you want. Perfect.

Other than that, the thing is just beautiful, fast and the OS is really refreshing. Biggest disappointment so far is Internet Explorer, it doesn't care about viewport meta tags and that's bad. Pretty nice browser otherwise.
All obvious browsers are missing from the store of course, I'll see if there is some odd Opera version available.

To conclude, I love the phone and I'll miss a huge amount of apps I'm using every day on Android devices… Well, at least 5-6 of them, most of all Swiftkey, G+ and few small utilities. But that's exactly the reason I bought a Nexus 7 so I'm all good I guess…

Off to the adventure now…

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