So idiots att +Viasat Sverige have decided to piss off all F1 enthusiasts and we can't buy and watch Monza race today. They want people to buy their useless sport package instead. I guess the cashflow is a bit slow, thanks to smart people in management

Screw them anyway, if they are stupid enough to create this kind of badwill with their decisions it's their problem. Time to get some smarter people who understand how you run a media/online company in the modern world maybe?

What I need to know is what's the easiest way to spoof your IP so I can watch the BBC F1 stream. I've installed some of those vpn thingies before, but most of them are just spamming the living hell out of you and not even work as promised. Anyone? I really want to see Alonso catching up to those Maclarens in front.

#f1 #monza2012 #bbcf1 #bbcplay #letmespoofmyip

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