So I was playing with ICS on my Desire HD and was really happy with it. Camera is pretty much useless and few apps are crashing all the time. I had to kill all my contacts and resync everything (mostly because of Gmail) but it was well worth it.

Or so I thought…
Last night the phone got pretty sluggish and I did a reboot. Now I don't really know what happened, but I've got the stupid menu with buttons, standard ICS menu on phones without physical buttons. There's no setting for that one as much as I can see.
Also, the graphics got weird, check out screenshots from appdrawer, text starts turning to garbage on page four and craps out completely on following pages. Now that was (temporarily anyway) fixed after the reboot, but the menu is still there.
Anyone else got this problem? You seen this too +Tobias Linder?

It really pisses me off, can't really be bothered flashing the damn thing again.
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