Screaming kids, parents vs. non-parents… The Eternal Battle goes on

At first I read the article and thought it was pretty good, a guy lecturing another guy for bitching on a mom about her screaming toddler. Thought-provoking and fun reading… I'm a father of two small ones and got myself thinking about how much I've changed the way I feel about such things when I became a parent…

But then I got to the comments and… OMG! Moral armies from both sides collided with such passion that I just had to read every damn comment… Some 1300+ of them at time. There are loads of stupid, hilarious, gullible, smart, hateful, etc. reactions from both sides.

Definitely made my day, go read if you've got time and can be bothered with things like that…

Is this really such a huge issue? Not just crying toddlers, but the whole parent vs. non-parent thingie… Or is it just much more extreme on the wrong side of the world…?
I have this hope that europeans are a bit more laid-back, regardless of the side they represent. Are we??

Via +Danica Radisic on Twitter, thanx for sharing.

#parenting #behaviorchange #benicetomoms

Dear Judgy Guy At The Supermarket, Keep Your Advice To Yourself. Sincerely, Parents
You had this expression like you were expecting a high five. “Yeah, put it here, dude, you really told that young mother and her 3-year-old off! Nice!” Is that how you thought I’d respond?

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