Really good first part of dissecting Orchard CMS over at +Tekpub

I'm still searching for a best alternative to my own CMS project and Orchard and +N2CMS are the only real candidates I think… Stuff like this helps a LOT, love the initiative. It's a great start, Oren is both confused and impressed by some mysterious code that runs on application start… Looking forward to next part.
It was real fun watching this all happen on Twitter when +Bertrand Le Roy jumped in, it actually made me renew my subscription on Tekpub. Well done +Rob Conery and the gang ;)

Ohh, btw… You should really do the same with N2CMS Rob. It's really good, but with completely different approach to how to build a cms (framework).

#orchardcms #tekpub #cms

Mystery Code Theater, with Ayende Rahien: What’s Up, Orchard?
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Read it in all its glory on Google+

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