Really detailed article with lots of examples and tips on posting better stuff on Google+ and getting noticed in the stream

Learn How To Easily Find And Share Great Content At Google+ That Will Promote Your Personal Brand

Branding yourself – is about being seen as the expert in your niche….

You want to easily and effectively publish this expert content at Google+ using simple mobile tools and tricks from great Google+ Influencers and Inspiring Plussers.

How do you do that?

Today I will share with you how you can find…..

>> great content and

>> how to share it easily so that other people like it.

Note: This strategy is not for everyone. If you just want to have fun sharing nice things then stop reading and have fun.

If you are serious about branding yourself or your business then this may make it easier.

Okay! Now that you decided this is what you want let's move on…

I believe that if you are only sharing other Google Plussers post, here at Google+, it can become a bit bland.

I am not suggesting you should not share other Google Plusser's stuff. You should! Google Plussers write and share amazing nuggets.

Just check the great posts that +Rahul Roy shares every week: (And sharing is part of the art of sucking up


Sharing within Google+ is not good enough! At least not until everyone is on Google+. ;-)

+++++++++++ How Experts Share From Outside Of Google+ ++++++++++

>> Let's Look At How Other Google+ Experts Share From Outside Of Google+

Why not copy my friend +Eli Fennell and the Google+ master +Guy Kawasaki Let's see what they do:

Eli digs out all kinds of interesting stories. He then adds his own expert angle to it. Eli posts a link to the external article and Google+ publish the link below his story.

>> Take note:

Eli does not just publish the link. He publishes his expert view as well. And by adding a few paragraphs of clever content Eli sets himself up as an expert.

(I am not suggesting Eli is intentionally trying to set himself up as the expert. His naturally getting it done. And we can follow his lead. Check this article by +Eli for example)

Branding yourself that's what you want; to be seen as the expert in your niche.

+++++++++++ Guy Kawasaki Push The Barrier Adding Images ++++++++++

>> Can You Push The External Publishing Barrier Even Further?


Guy Kawasaki adds an additional and important element to the sharing of external material:

Always Add Your Own Image Or Video To Your Post

Guy says, rather than allowing Google+ to pull an image from the outside article publish your own image (or include a Youtube Video) to every post. See Guy's stream It's image rich.

I agree with Guy when he says, never post all text. And never the image that Google+ suggest (from the external link). It's not always the best image the link brings in.

Guy manually grabs a picture from the source. (Watch this video by +Tim Moore interviewing +Guy Kawasaki and read his book What The Plus: Google+ For the Rest of Us for more).

+++++++++++ Examples Of Image Shares ++++++++++

Here are two images showing the differences when posting an image and when allowing Google+ to pull the image from the source link:

If I cannot find a good image from the source I find and publish another relevant image to the post. Edit it quickly with the free browser edit tool Pixlr

+++++++++++ Why Are Image Rich Plussers So Successful? ++++++++++

If you want to succeed at Google+ then you need to inspire. And I believe that your text or a link comes a poor second to inspirational images. If not inspiration images then at least attention grabbing images.

Just go and check at +CircleCount's The Cream of the Crop. Most people with skyrocketing follower-growth are image rich content providers; photographers and others.

I strongly suggest you copy visual Plusser's success.

Here's another content rich example:

+Rajini Rao is a 40-something research scientist. Most people will feel intimidated by the research scientist label and because they consider scientists boring (like accountants ;-).

Go and check how this great Plusser shares science with inspiring images. Even I comment sometimes.


Now you will add an image or video to every post. ;-)

Can we move on?

No. Not yet.

+++++++++++ Proof is in the Eating: Pinterest ++++++++++

Income the popular #pinterest.

The first time I published a relatively popular Google+ post some people saw the post via Pinterest. The influencer (Guy Kawasaki) posted the image to Pinterest and many Pinners took the bait. They came from Pinterest to read a Google+ post. Just ask +Carra Riley (an new friend I made via Guy, via Pinterest)

What does it mean?

Great and inspirational images will bring you eyes from many unexpected places. (BTW: See how you can easily integrate Google+ with Pinterest

Does it sound like a lot of work?

I said this was going to be easy and effective. And not for everyone.

This does not mean you'll have nothing to do!

You'll have to set up a system and stick to it.

Eventually when it becomes second nature and you'll have fun.

I have addressed how to be effective.

Using Your Mobile Effectively Will Add Another Dimension To Your Content Sharing

+Mark Traphagen reminded me of the *app called Zite *, a clever reader he likes and suggested. But it was, at the time only available on the Mac. I was using Currents and Pulse but wanted Zite.

>> Why did I want Zite?

Zite is a clever reader.

I can be anywhere. And read and share amazing content related to my niche.

This is what Zite has to say about clever content:

Your Zite magazine is compiled using automated algorithms that find and deliver articles that have buzz: that is, they're being discussed on websites, blogs, and popular social media services.

This is very different from my Google Reader setup. In Google Reader I have to choose what I want to read. I may only want to read certain blog topics. Not all. But Google Reader gives me all the articles.

But Zite learns as you thumb up or thumb down stories. For more read the interesting by +Mark Traphagen on Zite. (And The Best Search Engines Today Aren’t Search Engines)

*Go and get your Zite app here*

Now you can start reading great stories on your mobile. And now you can share it with Google+.

No! Not yet!

When you share from most mobile apps they either send an ugly looking link to Google+. At best you may get an title and an image. But none of these will inspire your audience.

+++++++++++ Publish Later From Your Mobile ++++++++++

This is what I suggest you do when publishing from your mobile.

It's not easy to type on a mobile, grabbing and editing images, and copy pasting stuff are not easily done on a mobile or grabbing images via a mobile. I leave that to my Mac. Here's a procedure I suggest:

1) Read your articles on your mobile via zite.

2) When you find a great story thumbs it up via the Zite app (Zite learn what you like via these actions).

3) And share it to a Google+ circle (with no followers.) I call my circle publish later.

4) When you get back to your laptop access this private circle.

5) Open the article on your laptop browser and write your opinion to go with this external article.

6) You can now grab images from the article or other and add it to your Google+ post.

7) Click on publish and see the people read and share your inspiring post.


Let's summarize:

1) Add great images (or videos) to every post referring to external sources.

2) Use tools like Zite to find inspiring stories. There are more places to find interesting stories like Alltop and

3) “Be the real you because everyone else is taken and replicas don’t sell for as much.” Dan Schawbel

This was a long story just to shared with you.

I hope you are having fun

P.S. While talking about mobiles and Google+ go and read +Jaana Nyström article on giving out +1s The easiest way to read content and share +1s is via the Google+ Mobile App. Try it and let me know.

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