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Well, there really is just one decent and fair thing to say about this…: Screw You too Google

It's really stupid behavior… They are not hurting Microsoft at all, just their own fans, actually. I'd love to have +Google+ app on my Lumia and I'd definitely enjoy having a better Gmail. Google Now would be a wonderful addition to WP too. Now the stupid Bing Now is coming and I'll probably end up using that. Gonna use Bing on all platforms for my searches now just because I don't want to support idiots at war. And I can't really say I like that. Awfully stupid name to begin with.
But this… It's just pathetic behavior by Google and +Google Developers
They must really go the extra mile to make sure it's not working well on WP platform. Especially when it comes to web apps. So grow up and a grow a pair too, this is creating a huge amount of badwill for all of You.

Trying to play Jobs here +Larry Page ? Well, you're not charismatic enough to pull it off, and actually I thought You were much smarter than that. Kindergarten…

Rant OFF

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Google pushes mobile Gmail redesign inspired by iOS app
Google has pushed its new mobile Gmail redesign, inspired by the iOS Gmail application, bringing in an improved UI, Calendar integration and more.

Read it in all its glory on Google+

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