Pretty much as expected… And combine this with the fact that we waste almost 50% of all the food we produce. There was never a question if we can feed all the people in the world, it's just that wasting food costs less than feeding the hungry.

What the World Eats – a remarkable and beautiful comparison.

Photographer Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio traveled the world to get pictures of families together with the food they would eat that week and compared family size, food, processing and costs. ➜

Expenditure on food for one week (prices from 2005):
● Chad → $1.23 ● Ecuador → $31.55 ● Mongolia → $40.02
● Egypt → $68.53 ● UK → $253.15 ● Italy → $260.11
● Japan → $317.25 ● USA → $341.98 ● Germany → $500.07

What the World


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