OMG, They killed YIFY!!

Those bastards!
Ohh well… I guess we'll have to find another source of fast moving sites with umm… mostly public domain movies? Yeah, I might have misunderstood that.

I got this weird idea for a while, and now seems like a perfect time to present it to the world. What if #imdb would be hijacked by some rebels, or pirates or… I don't know, hackers? Maybe all of those guys together. And then they just happen to get in some torrent links… Now that would be a very interesting turn of events. And probably the awesomest movie site ever. I vote for that, I'd even be willing to pay several bitcoins a month for that service :)

So, anyone up for an adventure?

#endoftheworldasweknowit #whatnow #illhavetogetalifethen #piracy #torrentlife #damnyouwhoeveryouare

YIFY/ YTS Shuts Down Forever – The End of a Piracy Icon – TorrentFreak
Popular torrent release group YIFY and its official YTS website have shut down permanently, trusted sources have confirmed to TorrentFreak. The unexpected shutdown marks the end of an era that started at the turn of the decade. More information about the precise circumstances will become public in the near future.

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