New to Google+? Or not there at all?

The Pocket Guide to Google Plus
Over 400 Links, 50 Hours of Video, 300 Slides & 20 Decks.
All on 1 slide!

1) A Complete SMO & SEO Summary for June 2013 by +Joshua Berg
2) What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide by +martin shervington
3) Everything Google by Mr. Everything Google +Denis Labelle
4) YouTube, SEO, Google Search Rankings & a Whole Lot More by +Yifat Cohen
5) The Google+ Hovercard – Your Calling Card Across All Google by +Stephan Hovnanian
6) Guides to Google Plus for Business & Personal Use by +Mark Traphagen
7) Driving with David – Author, Speaker, Analyst by +David Amerland
8) Google Plus 101 by +Peg Fitzpatrick
9) First Annual (Virtual) Bloggers Conference with +Chef Dennis Littley
10) Social Signals, Your Website & Google Plus – This Changes Everything by +Dustin W. Stout
11) Creating Your Optimized Google+ Cover Image by +Stephan Hovnanian
12) Google Plus Basics, Tips, and Tricks by +Jaana Nyström
13) How to Drive on Drive by +Michael Bennett
14) Google Products and Services by +Denis Labelle
15) Google Plus SEO by +Joshua Berg
16) Social Media Success & HootSuite Usage +Mike Allton
17) Hangouts On Air & Everything you need to know about HOAs with +Ronnie Bincer
18) Semantic Search HOAs with +Luis Galarza
19) The Curious Mind Part 1 via +Yuko Nakamura
20) The Curious Mind Part 2 via +Yuko Nakamura
That's it folks.

1 Slide does it all. If you feel this might help someone please share this. I would love any feedback so please comment below. Have a great day G+, enjoy the drive.

h/t to +Stephan Hovnanian for helping with the image

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