Nazi themed café owner shocked over the outrage…

Yes, I know… Now after your first reaction think about it for a while. As someone in a comment wrote, there could be an alternate title: "Westerners shocked that non-Westerners have a different perspective on history!"

As it turnes out all this Nazi-business is not at all so serious down there in Indonesia… "Indonesians didn’t have a traumatic experience with Nazism…" so this whole thing is kind of a Pop-Culture thingie.

And I actually like that approach, I'm rather tired of all those history lessons. For more than 70 years now everyone in Europe thinks of Nazis and Hitler and Holocaust every time they see a swastika.
It's not that I don't take Nazi crap seriously, especially in these times in Europe, but it's kinda time for a more laid back approach.

Those guys were doing really fine until some western-media discovered the café. Now the owner has got death threats and decided to shut down the place at least for a while… I would definitely go in and take a look around. And i'd probably find it amusing. Hopefully it will change in few more generations. It's not old Nazi symbols we need to be afraid of today, it's the new racists movements growing all over the Europe.

What do You think about this? Will we really see that beautiful and ancient symbol of sun and happiness as something horrible for the rest of our times? I definetly hope not, but maybe that's just me…

Oh, and please do read all the comments on that article, there are some nice history lessons for the rest of us. And of course there is someone who was more offended by the cake with a pair making love on it than all the Nazi talk ;)

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Man Opens Nazi Cafe, Baffled that It Pisses People Off
Who would have thought that a cafe packed with Nazi memorabilia would make people incredibly angry? Henry Mulyana, that’s who.

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