Misfit Shine – your shiny little activity tracker

I'm so getting one of these… No winphone app yet of course, but there's an open API so there is hope. Or I'll have to do it myself :)
Now that would be an interesting project.
Or I'll just use it with Nexus 7. As long as I don't have to run with one of those in the pocket…

9 days left, already hugely overfunded with a new dream goal of $800 000. So go get your Shine… The black one looks really nice.

#health #training #trinket #activitytrackers

Misfit Shine: an elegant, wireless activity tracker
Gorgeous all-metal construction. Tiny so you can wear anywhere. Tracks cycling and swimming, not just steps. To sync, just lay on phone.

Read it in all its glory on Google+

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