Location sharing and privacy issues… How bad is it actually?

It's pretty impressive how ignorant people are about security issues on Facebook and likes… And how easy it is to misuse and abuse that ignorance.
The (now blocked and removed from Apples store) GirlsAroundMe app is a perfect example of this.

On the other hand it's equally impressive how easy it is to use the power of sharing on Internet to stop things like this. Someone just needs to write about that and if enough people are concerned something will happen.

There are many privacy issues with this kind of services, and it's all up to you whether you allow it or not. If you don't have a clue (most of us don't) there's a good follow-up article on the issue by same author that shows how to turn off some of those here: http://www.cultofmac.com/158170/stop-apps-from-tracking-you-using-foursquare-and-facebook-how-to/

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