Let's talk about something serious for a moment…

Let's talk about something serious for a moment. I was looking at Google's list of the top searches in 2015 for Denmark (https://goo.gl/M6fpDI), and the list of top searched for men and women is a depressing sight.

On the male side, the top searched for man is an astronaut, followed by authors, journalists and two popular musicians.

On the female side, the top searched for woman is a 21 year old politician, who is promoting herself by not wearing any clothes (nobody has any idea what her actual political views are, despite a ton of media coverage), followed by a comedian, a reality star, our former prime minister (which was a woman), and another reality star known for being nude and living in the most shallow way possible.

You see the difference here? Apart from our former Prime Minister, it's exceptionally shallow.

We need to change this. Where are the inspiring women? Why are they not the focus of our attention? Although, that said, where are the inspiring men? Apart from the astronaut, the people on the male list aren't that inspiring either.

In fact, I searched for the 'most inspiring women in Denmark' and, apart from one female entrepreneur, I couldn't find anyone. I then asked on Twitter, but nobody replied. But, I did find one article talking about inspiring Danish women, but that was because of how they were dressed.


So, here is my suggestion for the Danish media (and also the media in every other part of the world). Make it your editorial purpose for 2016 to change this by highlighting and covering inspiring women.

This is a cultural problem that can only be changed by being proactive about it.

When the Canadian Prime Minister was asked why he opted for gender equity in his government, the answer was: 'Because it's 2015' … well, guess what, it's soon 2016!

Maybe it's time we all started thinking this way. Maybe it's time people valued a woman for when she is dressed.


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