Just installed Ice Cold Sandwich 4.2 AOKP release on my HTC Desire HD, and it's probably the smoothest install of any ROM I ever encountered

The best thing is that after the first boot with the new ROM it told me that an update to 5.0 AOKP is available. Lovely…

And now the 5.0 is on my way down from goo-inside site (reeeeally slowly tho, one download server is dead). Hopefully it'll be fixed soon…

So all of you guys who were running some other versions of ICS on your Desire HD phones, this is highly recommended.

#icecreamsandwich #htcdesirehd #icsrom

Goo-inside.me Downloads – Browsing IceCold
Goo-inside.me free android file hosting for everyone!

Read it in all its glory on Google+

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