I also feel that a bit of a balance, and especially a bit wider picture of all those conflicts in the region should be considered before taking action. Especially if the action is supporting shady organizations like Invisible Children… With no transparency at all and passing over just a fraction of money they get in, it's well worth investing few more minutes in checking out who they really support with your money and why

I agree with this statement. We shouldn't be raising awareness of Kony 2012, we should be actually acting on what he's done, but in a way that doesn't contradict what we support.

Invisible Children goes against what its fundamental purpose is, which is to stop children being put into child armies and getting killed in them. Instead, the people that support Invisible Children are actually funding government utilities being used to kill these children in an attempt to kill Kony.

I agree with getting the children out of armies and allowing them to live a safe life. But I don't agree with funding a company that actually uses child soldiers in the first place.

Actions speak louder than words guys.

The Alarming TRUTH about Kony 2012

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