Google really working hard to screw up Windows Phone users

Now this is just plain stupid… In last few months Google was really busy denying all kinds of services to Windows Phone users, but this must take the price… In stupidity, that is.

Why the hell should I go through all this and use agent switcher etc, just to be able to sync few Google Calendars? No wonder people are pissed off and are switching to Outlook/Bing combo…

Now I liked Google products a lot, have several Android Phones and a wonderful Nexus 7. It's all fine and dandy, but now they want to make my life miserable because I've chosen a better mobile platform… Better for me right now, anyway.
And I still want to use +Google+ and +Gmail and Calendar and whatnot.

There was/is a whole lot of hate going around Steve Jobs and his way of screwing up non-Apple fans, but you +Google Developers guys really deserve all garbage thrown at you. I know it's not your fault directly, but someone should tell +Larry Page and/or everyone else involved in this kindergarten kind of bullying to get their heads out of their buts for a while… It's your user base You are screwing up, not Microsoft damnit!

Don't you have anything to say about that +Seth Sternberg?
I tought you wanted Internet to be a place where you can "have conversations and share your interests with friends, family and colleagues" for everyone. Or should we add "but not if you choose Windows Phone" to that? I love +Google+ and I'd sure love to be able to use it on my phone, no matter what OS it's running… What are you guys at +Google Sverige thinking about that? Supporting segregation too?

Anyone else got some great examples of same childish behaviour? Please add to my rant here, I need few more espressos now, while my fantastic Windows Phone happily syncs ALL my Google calendars… ;)

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Are you pulling your hair out trying to get multiple Google calendars to sync with the Calendar app in Windows 8? We show you how it should be done.

Read it in all its glory on Google+

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