Google Now can put Siri to shame, too bad noone will ever try it

Google Now… It's what we always needed, we just didn't know how to get there. Now we do.

So I guess now that everyone is moving over to Jelly Bean… ehh, wait, what? Jelly Bean? But only 7% of the Android hardware runs on Ice Cream Sandwich. And that was out for, well, ages.
Oh well, I guess everyone will be able to use it in few years eventually. Wonder what Siri will be doing then.

So I guess it kinda puts the whole Androids ecosystem to shame. Siri can be worse or dumb or whatever, but it still does run on all iPhones that could install that version of iOS. All of them.

Can anyone at Google start dictating how their great mobile OS should work and get updated? Let all the manufacturers develop their themes and branding parts and whatnot. Don't let them tweak everything.
We've been doing it on the web for ages. how hard can it be?

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With Google Now, Android Puts Apple’s Siri To Shame
The right way to do mobile search.

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