Defined way for improved article rendering

When sharing any article on Google+ from any site, you must have observed two different ways in which it gets published on Google+: one with bigger image and a description and other with thumbnail and no description. Here Google now specified why and how it happens.

On Google developers site, they have now mentioned that to render any article or blog post in bigger image with a description it must fulfill two conditions. The content type should be Article, Blog and BlogPosting (and all other types that inherit from these) and specified by microdata via or Open Graph tags. Secondly, image with at least 506px wide and should not be wider than 5:2 aspect ratio.

I’m thus, just testing that with one of my posts. Image that is displayed here has dimensions 640×480 (5:3) and thus it’s appeared in bigger size with description. I’ve seen it working fine with my other posts too, except those few with improper image size; those get displayed with thumbnail image and no description. Therefore, choosing precise images is must if you want your article to render in much attractive way.

Read detailed article here –

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