Damn it, release it already, I'm really tired of my Desire HD now, even tho the IceCold Sandwich ROM gave it a (really good) new life

And I sure hope there's a real PureView tech in that sexy body, but I'm pretty skeptical. PureView 808 phone had really fat booty because of those optics so I can't really think they've squeezed all that in this thin housing.

Either way I'll have one, so just take my cash and give it to me… Hopefully we'll know for sure on Wednesday.

Nokia Lumia 920 Pureview and Lumia 820 leaked images hit Twitter : Tech Digest
The wind has been knocked out of the sails of Nokia’s forthcoming Windows 8 announcement next week, as a pair of devices alleged to be the centrepiece of Nokia’s show have leaked early online via Twit…

Read it in all its glory on Google+

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