Continuum, fly or die?

A really good article on Continuum, a soon-to-be-here tech from MS that is really intriguing to say the least. I would love to be able to just place my phone in a dock and use it as a PC. Or have it run my TV. Or anything

There are of course many more people that couldn't care less about it.
The article raises many questions and answers some of them. The idea is great and the possibilities are virtually endless. Then again, MiniDisc was a great idea too… So I guest we'll just wait and see.

My take on this is that it will completely depend on quality of new Lumias that MS is about to release… If they are not great it could fail miserably. It's about time we get some phone hardware that is not below average right from the start.

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Why Microsoft’s Continuum may succeed in putting a PC in your pocket, while Motorola’s Atrix failed
These are exciting times! We are at the verge of Windows 10 Mobile’s debut. The unprecedented success of the desktop version of the OS, with 75 million installs in less than 30 days, provides great momentum for this unified platform. But before the new mobile OS arrives the question many have is: “What will differentiate the platform from iOS and Android?” One answer according…

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