Gentlemen, start your wallets! The soul is back in Alfa, and then some.

It just doesn’t get better than this… And for once, the journalists (well, those with some balls anyway) agree. It’s so much soul in new Giulia, it’s almost too hot to handle. Which, if you wondered, is the way it should be.

So now, who needs a kidney or few? I’ve got one to spare…

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Vicky Cristina Barcelona - BluRay version

Nice movie, really nice. I always liked Woody Alen’s movies, and this one is not an exception. Penelope, Scarlett and, well, just everyone did a great job. Nice little story told with great passion and with all those lovely details…

I’ve watched it in Full HD, it’s really beautiful, don’t spoil it by watching some stupid cam or screaner…

There is even a beautiful Duetto in it… Just another lovely detail for us that have extremely good taste.

Read all about the movie here. I gave it a clean 8 on imdb, it’s a must see movie that just makes you feel good every time you watch it. You can see a trailer at the official website.

Lovely music, especially the main song, Barcelona by Giulia y los Tellarini. There’s an official video that you can watch here.