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Today on Android Design in Action, +Nick Butcher, +Adam Koch and I discussed some UI behaviors to enhance the news consumption experience:

• Two-finger swipe down previews on lists, ala Android 4.1 notifications
• Alternative item collection presentations for photo-rich content
• Customizable navigation drawer
• Flattening topic hierarchies using search
• Specialized detail contexts for the beginning, middle, and end of an article

We also did a deep dive on units of measure, including:

• Density-independent pixels (DPs) for keeping things the same physical size across devices and as the primary unit for layout (as opposed to pixels)
• Scale-independent pixels (SPs) for sizing and spacing text
• Best-practice layout grids (4dp grid, 48dp rhythm)
• Wireframing in MDPI so that in your wireframing software, 1dp = 1px
• Creating assets starting with a 4px grid and XHDPI density (with vector tools), so that scaling down or up results in shapes cleanly aligned to pixel boundaries

It was a lot to cover, so we ran over by about 7 minutes… sorry!

As always, the slides are attached to this post, and you can find a recording of the show on YouTube here: Android Design in Action: News Readers and Units of Measure


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