And now, all fear The Government!

The dark side of the XBox One
My wife won't let me buy the XBox One. I had explained how its always on cameras and microphones watch and listen to you at all times in your living room or, worse, bed room. I explained that it is always connected to the internet, runs virus & hack prone windows and is fully under the control of Microsoft a company that has repeatedly proven is not worthy of our trust. Based on this she has banned the XBox One from our home. I don't feel that this is unreasonable but it is a bummer because I have purchased all previous iterations of the XBox even though I almost always run games on the Playstation.

However there is an even darker side to the XBox One. In the following video, Microsoft demonstrates how it can track the body and head motion of up to six people. It can also measure their heart rate.

New Xbox One – Kinect: Exclusive WIRED Video

The XBox One is designed as a media hub. You use it while you are watching TV. Your HDMI video passes through the XBox. If millions of people buy the XBox One, as they did with previous generations, this would give Microsoft the power to track what people are watching and how focused their attention is. They will know what channel or media you are watching at any moment by running video recognition algorithms on the video being passed through the XBox. Advertisers could get real time feedback about how well their ads are being received by millions of viewers.

Imagine what governments could do with this information. We know that any data the US government can get its hands on, it will use. How long will it take for them to assert some kind of national security reason to gain access to this data stream? Once they have it flowing into their massive new data centers, what use will they make of this information? How long before they get the ability to tap individual XBoxes? The government in your bedroom or living room watching your every move. I don't normally tend towards paranoia but I am worried we area all going into this without even the smallest amount of natural caution. We are at the point right now where technology becomes scary.

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