Alfetta GTV 1978. Almost mine…

Ever since I found out that Swedish Alfa Club is going to take part in the Alfa Romeo Centenary I had this fantastic idea to buy an old, nice Alfa and drive it to Milano.

I’m going down with my whole family of course, so that wasn’t really all that practical idea. Mirjam is going to be 2yr old by then and little David is going to be, well… still very little. There’s still a chance that Jeppe and Katrin will join us and they have a nice (well, kind of) Mazda 6. My idea was that Jeppe and me can ride in the Alfa and gals and kids in the Mazda.

To say the least that proposal was not very popular.

Anyway, I was watching the ads at CARs site and Blocket (swedens largest buy’n’sell site) for a while. There are always some nice old Alfas on sale, but I was looking for one that I could just fill up with high octane gasoline and drive all the way to Italy. Most of the GTVs and Giulias that were on sale had lots of problems to deal with and/or were way too expensive for my budget.

And then, suddenly, there she was…

Sandros Alfetta GTV 1987
Sandros Alfetta GTV 1987

A beautifully restored 1978 Alfetta GTV. The owner has done really good job with it, he invested some €5.000 in it during last few years.

The price was really good too, especially considering the amount of cash he invested in it. I could have bought it for just €3.500.

Reason he sold it was that he (lucky bustard) has a friend in Italy that saved a nice Montreal for him. Damn, I need that kind of friends too. Anyone? Please…?

I was almost on my way down to his place to buy it the next day, but he needed to fix an issue with tires or something so we postponed it… And of course I was unable to get down there the weekend after that because a boring trip to Stockholm. So my beautiful madonna went to a nice couple that wanted to have a nice weekend car. For those two sunny days we have every summer here in Sweden.

Damn. It’s just so typical. I was so disappointed that I probably won’t take any Alfa down to Italy. But then again my dearest can consider it as a very nice and mature decision from my side. And the only positive thing about all this is that I actually can buy a new Alfa in Italy.

I sure hope You’ll really enjoy the car you nice old couple you :(

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