Alfa 4C Première at Geneve Motor Show

And I think I need one of those white ones, launch edition of course… Sport pack and racing rubber. A must for a modern man. Hopefully a children car seat is part of the Sport pack, or I just might be in a heap of trouble. I'm a pretty responsible father after all ;)

Anyway… Anyone wants to buy my absolutely fantastic Alfa GT for…umm… well, the bidding can start at say €62 000?
It's easily worth so much more than that. Seriously… If you consider only its historical value, it's probably the bargain of the century, I kid you not.

Let me know, I'm not in a hurry… I just have to be one of first 1000 to get one. Only few hundred of those left now. Hmm… Buy it during the coming weekend and I might just throw in a perfectly healthy kidney.

#alfaromeo4c #passion #supercar #iwantoneofthose

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