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Maserati Start Their Centenary Celebration
With the month of December, Maserati officially enters the hundredth year of its history. It does so in a period of unprecedented health and unparalleled growth. More than 23,000 orders to date worldwide are propelling Maserati into a new dimension. Today Maserati is amongst the fastest growing brands in the United States and a concrete reality in nearly 70 markets in the world, starting with China, Maserati’s second largest commercial reality.

A company that is one hundred years young, Maserati recently showcased its new brand look and marketing communication campaign at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Both are inspired by “The Absolute Opposite of Ordinary” concept, a testament to the company’s first 100 years and a guideline for the next century to come.

It is with great pride that Maserati introduces the Centennial Logo. Maserati’s world famous Trident was inspired from the sculptures of Italy itself, therefore it seemed fitting to sculpt a new image to represent our first 100 years of passion in car-making. The Maserati Centennial Logo is more medallion than graphic, living as a forged symbol of our racing heritage but, even more importantly, it is unique amongst other luxury brands. It serves as a constant reminder of our core belief that everything we build for the next 100 years, will always be—The Absolute Opposite of Ordinary.

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