All Your krempitas Are Belong To Us!

Famous American precision strikes again

Will we ever stop reading things like this? Especially when no one gets punished for all the "collateral damage"… which is a politically correct term for butchering innocent civilians. I guess it's just world police doing what they do best… Sometimes I hope they'll get a taste of their own medicine.

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A US airstrike hit a charity-run hospital in Afghanistan—killing doctors and patients
Nearly 200 people—105 patients and 80 staff members—were inside the hospital at the time of the bombing.

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Smaka på Värmland

Mycket fokus på försäljning av hamburgare och andra typer av lokalproducerad skräpmat så klart, men även några intressanta diskussioner, kockdueller och tydligen även ett antal kurser.
Skogen i Skolan var iaf. bäst, som vanligt.

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Glimt – Smaka på Värmland 2015
Smaka på Värmland är den största matmässan i Värmland. Vi besökte mässan i Mariebergsskogen under lördagen den 26 september för att prata mat med utställare och besökare. På mässans egen hemsida be…

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Definitely worth the read

The Complexity of Policy-Making in Europe

How are decision made in the European Union? Are #MemberStates losing control over their public policies at the hands of #EU's #supranational #institutions?

#OneEurope contributor Paulo Rodrigues provides an in-depth analysis of the complex processes that underpin #decision-making in the #EuropeanUnion.

'At European level, policy-making is the result of the interaction between EU institutions, Member States, but also a range of non-state actors from the civil society and the business sector, that can lobby decision-makers or seek to exert social and economic pressure.'

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10 days left to Christmas

Because Saga Norén.

She'll be back in our lives on Sept. 27. If you are in Sweden, that is…
For all the rest of you, unfortunate ones, she'll probably show herself on your favorite place on the dark side few hours later.
So gear up with all the snacks and fruits and whatnots, just don't miss it. It'll be as good as ever.

You're welcome…

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Tittarspionerna efter Brons galapremiär: ”Serien levererar igen”
Efter Brons galapremiär bakom stängda dörrar i Malmö. Här är domen om nya säsongen från SVT:s tittarspioner på plats – och så tyckte stjärnorna i serien om den exklusiva visningen av de två första avsnitten. ”De verkar förväntansfulla”, säger huvudrollsinnehavaren Sofia Helin.

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Ohh yes Giulia… come to me!

I would want one even if it had the slowest sedan lap time on Nürburgring. So next year it’s finally time to get a new car… Damn. Or maybe I should just move somewhere where I can have two cars parked?
Anyway… Just come and take my money already!

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The Alfa Romeo Giulia May Have The Fastest Sedan Lap Time On The Nürburgring

The Alfa Romeo Giulia May Have The Fastest Sedan Lap Time On The Nürburgring
Let’s count out 14 seconds: one, two, three, four, five, six, (bored yet?) nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen. That’s how many seconds faster the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is around the Nürburgring over a BMW M4.

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